Is Your Obedience Keeping You From God?

Is your obedience killing you? Or rather, is your hope in your obedience killing your faith? More specifically, is your solution to fighting sin trying harder, running faster, training better? Are you looking to defeat the hidden sin in your life by scaring yourself with the earthly consequences of your...

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A Reflection On The Christian Response To Tragedy

Crossroads Fellowship, in pain and anguish for our brothers and sisters in Christ, wishes to extend the deepest sympathy and prayer for the victims (friends and family) involved in yesterday’s shootings. In light of the tragedy yesterday involving the merciless shooting of 26 people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs,...

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A Moral Standard

The story of Donald Sterling, owner of an NBA franchise,being fined 2.5 million dollars and banned for life from the NBA has become a majorheadline for National news and the subject of countless blogs, interviews, andsocial media conversations. In general, there has been almost unanimous outrage fromthe American public regarding...

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