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Prayer Meeting 6/3

CONTEXT: Exhausted believers…

  • Struggled against sin (12:4)
  • Faced God’s discipline (12:11)
  • Dropped their guard (12:12)
  • Grown divisive towards each other (12:14)
  • Grown bitter towards God (12:15)
  • Grown lax in holiness (12:16)

WARNING: Do not forfeit a permanent kingdom for a perishing kingdom. (Hebrews 12:28-13:16)

Moses & the Old Covenant

  • Can be touched & seen (12:18)
  • Can be heard (12:19)
  • Moses as intercessor (12:20)
  • Moses was terrified (12:21)
  • Abel’s blood along with the Mosaic covenant calls out for “justice” against all (12:24)

Jesus & the Better Covenant

  • Kingdom is unseen & in heaven (12:22)
  • Joins the choir/assembly of angels (12:22-23)
  • Makes perfect (12:23)
  • Jesus’ blood & new covenant cries out “Justified” (12:24)

REMEDY: Exhaustion is combatting by listening to the greater Covenant (12:25)

  • Those in the wilderness generation faced judgment for not listening (12:26)
  • How much more will we face judgment for rejecting this greater covenant (12:25)

There will be no escape where there is no endurance (12:25)

  • Let us then persevere in gratitude for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken (12:28)

RESPONSE: Offer acceptable worship (12:28-29) – Worship is both earthy & eager

  • Continue brotherly love (13:1)
  • Show hospitality (13:2)
  • Remember the suffering (13:3)
  • Model marriage (13:4)
  • Do not be greedy (13:5)
  • Sound doctrine (13:7-14)
  • Evangelism (13:15)
  • Share (13:16)

Pray for Churches

  1. Pray that we would listen closely to the better covenant given to us by Jesus
    1. Pray hearts would not grow hardened to God’s voice in Christ
    1. Pray hearts would not be deceived into fig-leave slactivism or virtue signaling
  2. Pray that our worship would be filled with acts of love towards other believers
    • Pray that deedless confessors would repent & believe
    • Pray that believers would walk in tangible acts of love towards each other
    • Pray that we would repent of busy schedules that prosper our individual lives
  3. Pray that our lives will be marked with service towards one another
    • Pray that we would open our homes & calendar to personal ministry
    • Pray that a divided world would see a people united in the way believers are hospital to each other
    • Pray we would admit our needs to one another
  4. Pray that we would prioritize those who are suffering
    • Pray that we would take on the burdens of our weaker brothers & sisters
    • Pray that we would not marginalize those that the world marginalizes
    • Pray that we would stand with those who suffer unjustly
  5. Pray that our marriages would honor God
    • Pray that we would demonstrate the Gospel in prioritizing faithful marriages
    • Pray the Lord would purify hidden lusts from his people
    • Pray we would not adopt cultural cynicism towards marriage
  6. Pray against greedy hearts
    • Pray our budgets would reflect Christ’s mission
    • Pray we would reject the notion that economic flourishing = human flourishing
    • Pray our lives would labor for more lasting treasure
  7. Pray that we would be committed to truth
    • Pray this would unite different pandemic-response views
    • Pray this would unite different political views
    • Pray this would unite ethnicities
    • Pray our relationships would be filled with discipling conversations
  8. Pray that we would offer up the fruit of “lips that acknowledge his name”
    • Pray we would honor God with thankful words
    • Pray we would glorify God with evangelistic words
  9. Pray that we would share our lives & goods with one another

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