Welcome to Crossroads Fellowship.  We invite you to attend one of services. We are confident that when you walk through the doors of our buildings you be warmly welcomed by our church family and we believe that you will also sense the presence of God among us.

We invite you to come and experience what it’s like to be with people who are wholeheartedly seeking to follow Jesus Christ.  We are not a perfect people, but we are those who have been saved from our sin by the grace of God.  We hope that you will see the effects of Christ’s transforming work in our lives.

Our goal, in all that we do here at Crossroads, is to help each other know and love the God who created us and who gave His only Son, Jesus, so that we could have everlasting life.  We do this through our preaching, teaching, worship, and through all the various ministries and activities of church life.

At present we have one morning worship service that lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  But we are also very excited that we have small group settings for every age group on each Sunday morning as well.

Taking that first step through the double glass doors of our sanctuary is all   you need to do.  We will take care of making you feel welcome and then helping you get settled in here.

We hope to see you soon.