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In the Home: Building on a Sure Foundation

We recognize that a major factor of building tomorrow’s church today is the development of strong families. Here at Crossroads we want to help strengthen families along the way through each stage of parenting. If you are a parent, God has entrusted into your hands a precious child for you to nurture and care for.  We believe along with that comes a great call and responsibility to make the home be the greatest and primary place for biblical teaching and training.

Our children are now grown yet we continue to have a great passion for seeing strong families develop where each member wants to know God and make Him known. From that desire God has prompted both of us to share some of the insights that God has graciously shown us through our own parenting journey and other things we have gleaned along the way.

We are convinced that the starting point for any family that seeks to have a godly, joy-filled home must begin with the right foundation. In such a home Christ must be the center, the authority, and the solid rock upon which all else is built.

“Everyone then who heals these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”  Matthew 7:24

This sure foundation is present only when Jesus has first place in the hearts of Dad and Mom. When both parents are living with a genuine and vibrant faith in the Lord, a strong and enduring family is most often the result. This means so much more than being a professing Christian or attending church. The faith that yields strong families is alive and growing. It is evidenced in the way Dad and Mom spend regular time in God’s word. It shows itself in how often the Lord is part of daily conversation. Such faith fills a household with songs of worship. It is marked by giving and receiving forgiveness. When a husband and wife build their relationship and every aspect of their home with Christ at the center through such faith, it becomes the foundation on which godly parenting will be accomplished.

There may be some of you reading this that may be raising children where the ideal of both a dad and mom working together in this way is impossible. Maybe you are a single parent or you have a spouse who is not interested in building their home on the foundation of Christ. Our encouragement to you is to remember that God pours out his mercy and grace in special ways to redeem that which has been broken. Even though you may feel alone or inadequate, God will supply all that you need as you do all that you can to keep Christ at the center of your life. And then let Him lead you as you parent your children upon the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

And we want to make it clear that we are not saying that parents must have a perfect faith in order to establish a strong and healthy home. We can look back on our marriage and years of parenting and see that our faith needed to grow and be deepened through the years as God faithfully walked along side us every step of the way. However, it is our belief that parents who desire to see their children come to know and love God, must be personally and earnestly seeking the Lord and cultivating a teachable heart to the things of the Spirit through the word of God.




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