Parents, this webpage is for you! Below are a selection of articles and resources to provide advice and insight and to help you in your parenting.


In the article, Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children, John Piper, founder and teacher of desiring, pleads with Christian parents to require obedience of their children. He writes, “Parents who do not teach their children to obey prepare them for a life out of step with God’s word.” Click HERE to read the entire article.


In the article, How to NOT Parent a Strong-Willed Child, Susan K. Macias gives Biblical advice and insight from personal experience on parenting strong-willed children. Susan K. Macias is a Christian woman, wife of 32 years, and mother of seven children. She cares passionately about Jesus, her family, and building the kingdom of God, and she writes to make much of my Lord. Her goal is to build hope, courage, and strength for women everywhere to thrive. Click HERE to read the full article on her blog.

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