Though You Slay Me, Yet I Will Praise You

Advent is nearly upon us. It is the time of year where we emphasize the incarnation of Jesus as the dawn of his Kingdom brings hope to the earth. His arrival is a reminder that our God has not abandoned us. And yet, for many, the sufferings of this life...

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Is Your Obedience Keeping You From God?

Is your obedience killing you? Or rather, is your hope in your obedience killing your faith? More specifically, is your solution to fighting sin trying harder, running faster, training better? Are you looking to defeat the hidden sin in your life by scaring yourself with the earthly consequences of your...

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A Reflection On The Christian Response To Tragedy

Crossroads Fellowship, in pain and anguish for our brothers and sisters in Christ, wishes to extend the deepest sympathy and prayer for the victims (friends and family) involved in yesterday’s shootings. In light of the tragedy yesterday involving the merciless shooting of 26 people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs,...

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How Do You Define “Blessed”?

“How do I gauge success? Why do I say I’m blessed? Is it the car that I drive Or the place that I rest Or the way that I dress? Is the cause of my pride The stage and the set Or my face in the press?” –Identity, Lecrae What...

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The Menu Is Not The Meal

“The menu is not the meal.” -Alan Wilson Watts This quote has been on my mind this week. By God’s grace some close new friends reminded me of Christ’s words to the Pharisees in John 5:39-40: You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life;...

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Pastor Taylor’s Blog

Inadequacies Are Good, Inadequate Hopes Are Dangerous It seems that being inadequate is inherent to human nature. Whether or not we wish to admit it, all of us are plagued with limitations and shortcomings. This may be haunting news in a self-esteem culture driven by the need to convince its...

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Sermon Series: STUCK

Join us Sunday, August 13th for a New Sermon Series: STUCK  A lot of Jesus-followers get bogged down in a number of areas.  These messages are intended to provide help and to encourage growth in the Christian life.   Sermon Topic for Sunday, August 13th: SALVATION Click Here for Sermon Notes...

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Sermon Series: Jonah – Belief Contradicted by Behavior

Join us for a New Sermon Series Starting June 4th through July 9th. Click Here to Download the Sermon Notes from Sunday, June 4th: Jonah 1 – Jonah’s Predicament Click Here to Download the Sermon Notes from Sunday, June 11th: Jonah 2 – Jonah’s Prayer Click Here to Download the Sermon Notes...

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Sermon Series: What Jesus Followers Believe and Why

What do you believe? I mean, really? Jesus-Followers believe a lot of things about God, reality, truth, evil, etc. This series — designed so you can invite your not-yet-believing friend — will deal with some of these massive topics! Join us, starting January 15th, for this new series. January 15th: What...

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